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Basic Package Pricing as of 9-4-17.  (Prices are subject to change, and I will update the prices online, if raised or lowered) still a great way to get a feel for what I do :

1.) “Part Wedding Day” Package ~ 5 hours shooting and a five minute, edited to the music highlights, artistic editing style ~ for $1800 plus tax.

2.) “Ceremony Only”  filmed for up to 1.5 hours ~ with professional mics and multiple camera angles- edited in a documentary style (no pre-ceremony or reception coverage: $500 plus tax.

3.) “Full Wedding Day” 9 hours of filming (includes 1.5 hours before event, and then until the end of the reception/party, usually: $2500 plus tax.

As a 10-99 contractor, I work mainly for 2nd Generation Video, which is my ‘parent company’ ::)) (funny  cause they are also my parents) 🙂

I decided to put a few of my favorite films I have edited for them on here to view as well.  Again, these were contract jobs for that I single highhandedly, or with one part time assistant,  filmed and edited:

This is a “Just Married” film: ~ 5 minute highlight ~

This is a styled shoot that we often filmed for the covers of Bliss Bridal Magazine in Austin: For these events I am a flat $1500.

Another “Just Married” ~ 5 minute highlight ~ package for filming and editing is a flat $1000.  This film uses royalty free music and can therefore be shared online.

This is what is delivered to the bride and groom within 3 weeks of the wedding, uses royalty free music and can therefore be shared online.

These videos are shot with high definition DSLR cameras and edited by Meredith Malcolm of #MeredithLovesLife Films ~  The Legacies edit is the first one I took the reins completely.  As you may know I have been a shooter and editor for #2ndGenFilms since 2011, but I am staying with them and breaking out my new brand independantly.  Email me for pricing and to open a discussion for your video needs.

Also click this link to see a destination wedding film with 1,500 views on Facebook!  Brittany and Patrick’s Wedding in Cancun 2017  

I will always love Video!!