So somehow you met or know Meredith Malcolm and her crazy self! :) Now What?

So… Yes. As it turns out, I finally, after a TON of research online can say that I am proudly accepting that I am, a now perfectly medicated #THANKSTODRALANCOLBY in Austin 😉 a….. “Manic Bi-Polar Depressive 1” and loving every minute of it! I’m like, so glad it was the 1 instead of the number 2… #NUMBERTWOSUCKSMORE …. With #AMAZINGLATUDA… I am able to have fun and utilize and enjoy my super efficient video making self-centered HIGHS and still with the power of the Lord, and Jesus working so strongly and in so many real ways in my life, I am able to manage the LOWS.

So ENOUGH ABOUT ME!! is all I am hearing from God…. but bear with me… It is still going to be my life on display for the world, which I have always desired, in videos, posts and blogs that……. Show others how I am the way I am. The big answer is… It is because of you guys!!! And all the people I meet and interact with every second of every day! I am a big loud crazy personality… CRAZY on fire for the LORD and CRAZY ready to make it my life’s work to help others, and their businesses full time with all the amazing KNOWLEDGE I have been so blessed with from a very DYNAMIC LIFE!!

So NO MORE SOCIAL MEDIA! Cause I am able to make a site that has subscribers and and then people who get access to it all with logins and limited content free and some for purchase. Hopefully I can keep my videographer job going and maybe a fancy sales girl job in west Texas, or Denver maybe… Who knows now:)) and the everyone can see my videos and be inspired by my MEREDITH’S MUSINGS! This is all from GOD!!! Less of me and more of all of you! So, I will be doing things like Yelp Review Spotlight Articles, and Austin Wedding Vendor articles, and PEOPLE I JUST LOVE Articles, and I can make all these super glitzy, glammy, hashtagged to death, linked all up to death to other sites!!!

I have so many people in my life that are amazing people with amazing products and services to offer and maybe they want them to do more… well you just got your full time new SALES AND WALKING TALKING MARKETER!! So as I am hyper and unique I will hand a card to people that says just, “”. From there I plan to have the HTML in a fun way that will say something like…. For example… WOW So you think I have great hair?? Contact who has opened my eyes to the best shampoo and conditioners in the world!!!! Seriously I love MONAT and I love MEISHA!! Or maybe “Wow, Meredith how are you buying like a ton of dounuts, chocolate milk and pizza and staying so trim?!? How do you do it??” I can say, “Well because I have a fabulous friend, Stephen Dillard who has turned me on to PLEXUS!! I just drink a little awesome pink drink every morning and I swear my gut health is amazing!!! I can eat whatever I want and stay trim as long as I stay under 2000 calories a day!!! It’s GREAT!!!! Or “Why are you so happy???”, “Cause I love the amazing candles I just bought on my friend’s site while burning some as I shop online in my fabulous hotel room ….. cause I work from anywhere unless I’m shooting a wedding… #AndYOUKNOWTHEREST There I can lead in with my “elevator speech” and market for my family business of Wedding Videos in and around the Austin Texas areas… Cancun and destinations anywhere!! Just book me and I’ll pay the travel fees!!! It’s so AMAZING!!!! God is really doing it now!!!!! #TIPOFTHEICEBERG!!!

I really am so fabulous because of my fabulous friends and family!! Big shout out to my amazing parents and sister who have always been my base of strength #THEYGETTHEIROWNLINKS ;).. and recently…Timothy Hanson, my amazing man, who has prayed me into this revelation and supports me 100% while being an example of the dang nearly perfect #MANOFGOD!! Ya’ll know that living up to my daddy is a tough act to follow… but he is doing an AMAZING JOB!!! Yes I am painfully flirty and outgoing… but if you know me for long you will know that I am also EXTREMELY LOYAL to those I love!!!

Send me your prayer requests, and accept me on Venmo so you can request money from me if you are short on a bill or in a tight pinch. You have made it to this site cause you met me and were kind to me… and I will try to pay you back with real money!!!

I “like totally super love” subscribing to #YOUTUBEMUSIC and frankly, people have dang cash cause #TRUMPISAWESOME and he is my dang near idol if he would just dang learn to do more research for weed legalization. But I have dynamic thoughts on that now. It was great for me when I had tummy issues, and when I wanted to do dang SOMETHING in my 20s and 30s at parties and in life::)) and #ALCOHOLTOOKMEDOWN so I am glad to #PROMOTEWEEDLEGALIZATION cause hello its a cash crop and I have never made a bad decision on weed. You guys just need to pray that I get a one on one audience with Donald and we can broadcast it… of course #LIVE in typical #MEREDITHLIVE style!

Now I have to go and get these subscriptions all done!! Till then check my YOUTUBE channel!! I’ll link this article all up ASAP!! #PRIORITIES #CONSTANTLYCHANGINGPRIORITIES #GottaGoGiveMoney to peeps!!!

~ Meredith (Like on Grey’s Anatomy:) Malcolm (like MalcolmX, Malcolm in the Middle, NO RELATION:)

p.s. LETS all start using the #GOLDENRULE more!!! So like, more grace and mercy and less judging and meanness…. I make typos and will totally make mistakes… and that is #OKAY . So just bear with me and we can make this thing go!!!!

Meredith Loves Life on either side of the lens!